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Current Version is 6.12

Version 6.12 has been released April 2012 . It is a free upgrade for customers of version 5.0 and above

This program is a fully functional Home Finance money manager designed to help with your personal finances. It allows you to monitor your Bank Accounts and any other savings and loans and set spending targets. It can update your accounts with any automatic transfers you have setup and supports multi-currency transactions. This Program allows you to monitor and therefore control your finances with ease. All areas are easy to understand with no accountancy jargon in sight.

"Overall, Bank Account Tracking is one of the best programs we have seen for personal finance management"
- PC Basics Magazine January 2004, reviewing version 5.2

version 6.110       version 6.1

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Pricing : Free 60 day trial after which registration costs just US $ 21.99 (approx 14.99 or 16.99)
- Pricing subject to exchange rate fluctuations -


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